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The Company manufactures various petrochemical downstream products, such as special oils, special chemicals, petroleum sulphates and solvents for industrial applications, such as rubber, leather, ink and paint industries.

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What We Do?

Edible Oil Manufacturer

We Produce high-quality edible oils for cooking, baking, and other purposes. we ensure that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

EVs are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, Electric Vehicle Manufacturers are playing an important role in the development of sustainable transportation solutions.

Plastic Granutes Manufacturer

Plastic Granules are used in a wide range of industries, from packaging and construction to automotive and medical.

Lubricants Production

We provide the necessary lubricating oils and greases that are used in a wide range of machinery, from automotive to industrial applications.

Gold Diamond Trading

Gold and diamond trading is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries.

Software Development

We're having Expertise in Customised softwarwe, website and Mobile application developement.


Our Top Products

Pharma Chemical Trading

We Evexia Lifecare Limited into the trading of the Chemicals for more than a decade. The company is one of the leading company in trading of the industrial chemicals at large. We are mainly trading into Pharma chemicals. Which are mainly used in drugs. This trading business shares larger number of revenue of the company..


The Isometamidium (ISOMETA) mainly used for the rare dieses in the cattle, buffalo, goat, sheep, equines (horses, donkeys), camels and dogs. Very few players are manufacturing the said API in India as well as across the world. The company is going to set up a plant with the capacity of 400kg per month API which will be the highest production by any company.

EV Manufacturing

The company entered into the green energy project of ebike in the year 2021 and planning to become leading EV manufacturing company by next couple of year.The company has setup eBike plant at Vadodara location in the year 2021. The company is planning to work on job work as well as manufacturing of the own eBikes.

Plastic Reprocessing Plant

under the expansion program of the company, the company was entered into Manufacturing of Plastic Granule Business in December 2019. Looking at the opportunity in the plastic waste segment, the company has decided to start the production of the reprocessing of plastic granules considering the HIGH demand of the same in the near area of HALOL.

Edible Oil Production

The company offered different types of edible oils to consumer market. To produce best quality edible oil, company had procured best available technology and machinery over the period of time. Knowledge, Technology and Process up‐gradation has always enabled Kavit Industries to be a market leader in Edible Oil segment.

Software, Gold and Entertainment Division

Now we want to expand our Line of Business in Web development, Software Development for Overseas client, trading of Gold and Entertainment segment.We provides consulting, implementation, business transformation and operational solutions for clients across the globe.

From Chairman's Desk

Researching and Planning

I Believe in thorough and Intense Research of Problem. I, Along with my team strive to prepare perfect blueprints to have optimized Solutions.

Quality Products

He Beleives in Quality Products, He beleives qualiti is remembered long after price is Forgotten.


Our Vision is to become research based and a quality oriented establishment which becomes a niche domestic supplier of various pharma products.


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